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Cold Brew

Steep. Sleep. Savour.

Our nitrogen flushed single-serve Cold Brew Bags are made with three of our most popular coffees used for cold brewing, each with its own distinctive natural flavour profile. The best part is that you need no equipment, all you have to do is steep the coffee overnight and wake up to a refreshing cold brew that you can savour throughout the day. Each box comes with five sachets, and each sachet can make 3 glasses of Cold Brew.

To brew, steep the inner Cold Brew Bag in 500ml of water either in your fridge or in room temperature for 14-18 hours. Unlike hot coffees, Cold Brew relies on the gentle workings of time, as opposed to temperature, to make a flavourful glass of coffee. The only tips we have for cold brewing include steeping longer for a more intense brew, and consuming your cold brew within 3-4 days.

Each Cold Brew Box contains 5 sachets. Watch this short video walking you through the brewing steps for our Cold Brew Bags before you make yourself our favourite iced drink!


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Frequently Asked Questions
How many sachets come in one box?
Each Cold Brew Box contains 5 sachets. single-serve sachets.
How many cups of coffee can one sachet brew?
Each sachet can make 500 ml of cold brew, which is around 3 cups of Cold Brew. The entire box contains 15 cups of Cold Brew.
How do I make Cold Brew?
Just steep the inner paper sachet in 500ml of water for 14-18 hours either in your fridge or in room-temperature. Remove the coffee bag, add ice cubes and drink. Consume within 4 days of brewing. You can also get a bit playful with some ideas below.
What are the different ways to enjoy my cold brew?
Here are 5 unconventional ways to enjoy your cold brew:
Tonic: Mix with sparkling tonic water and garnish with a lemon wedge.
Mocha: Stir in a dash of milk and add chocolate syrup.
Orange Zing: Add some orange juice and an orange slice.
Vietnamese: Blend in a generous serving of condensed milk.
Honey Cinnamon: Sprinkle a splash of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.
How much water do I need to pour?
We recommend adding 500ml of water for each Cold Brew Bag.
How long do I let the Cold Brew Bag steep before I can enjoy my coffee?
We recommend steeping the Cold Brew Bag for 14-18 hours, depending on how you like your coffee. Steep longer for a more intense brew.
Do the Cold Brew Bags contain the same coffee as the normal pouches we buy online and in your cafes?
Yes, the exact same coffees that we retail in our cafes and online for Kalledevarapura Estate, Cold Brew Light and Cold Brew Bold are packaged in these sachets. All the coffee is roasted three days prior to packaging and then nitrogen-flushed to remove any oxygen and preserve freshness for up to 6 months.
Will the flavour or quality vary in these cold brew bags?
We have maintained strict quality processes for our Cold Brew packaging, so you can be assured of the same great quality that you expect from our other products.
Can I reuse the Cold Brew bags?
No. Each bag is designed to be a single serve that brews 3 servings of coffee at one go.
What is nitrogen-flushing?
Nitrogen flushing is a technique used in food packaging that removes the oxygen from the pack to prevent oxidation and degradation. By using this method we are able to increase the longevity of the coffee and preserve freshness for 6 months. Nitrogen is a naturally-occuring, odourless, and food-safe inert gas. It is abundantly present in the atmosphere (we breathe it daily and are doing so right now) and it does not react with the coffee or affect its flavour in any way.
How long do I have before I have to brew each sachet and how do I store it?
You can use the coffee up to 6 months from the date of packaging. The packaging keeps the coffee inside safe so you don’t have to take any extra precautions to store the coffee.
How do I dispose of the cold brew bags?
The inner Cold Brew paper sachets are made with a fully biodegradable material so you can compost them very easily. The outer packaging can be dropped off or sent to any of our cafes for Rs. 5 cashback on each sachet packaging and we will return them to the packaging vendor to be recycled.
Can I add milk and sugar to this? How much?
If you would like to have Cold Brew with milk or sugar, we recommend choosing our medium roasted Kalledevarapura Estate or our dark roasted Cold Brew Bold. You can add as much milk and sugar as per your liking. The only coffee we do not recommend adding milk or sugar to is our Cold Brew Light since this is a light roast and we recommend having it black to fully enjoy the delicate flavours of this coffee.
How do I avail the cashback if I return the sachets to Blue Tokai?
Help us recycle! We will give you a cashback of Rs. 5 for every sachet returned to us. Simply drop them off at a Blue Tokai cafe near you and the staff will hand over the cash. If you’re in a city where we don’t have a cafe, you can send it to our Delhi office along with your phone number and we will initiate the cashback via UPI. The mailing address is: Khasra 258, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, New Delhi 110030 | +(91) 96060-47077