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Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea

Vadham’s pyramid tea bags contain pure loose leaf teas making it easy for customers without tea brewing equipment to brew our favourite teas.

Each box contains 15 tea bags.

Flavour profile: Full bodied, bright with hint of malt, caramel and cocoa

Brewing recipe: Steep for 3-5 minutes in water heated to 90-100 degrees C.

This master blend of fine, strong black teas is picked from the estates of Halmari, Doomni, Harmutty and Orangajuli in Assam. This is a rich, full-bodied and bright liquoring black tea with beautiful golden tipped leaves.

A curated combination of robust, full-bodied, and flavourful Assam black teas makes for a bold breakfast cuppa. The bright, reddish liquor is rich, full-bodied, and is characteristically malty with hints of caramel and cocoa. It also has a soothing woody aroma with hints of chocolate.

Popularised in Indian by the British, Vadham’s Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea brings together the finest selection from the tea growing region of Assam.

About the estates:

Halmari Tea Estate I This estate is owned by the Daga Family in Assam. The green garden, spread over 534 hectares, was started in 1913 and has come to be known as the hallmark of Assam tea. Halmari specializes in orthodox teas from the Second Flush period between mid May to the end of July. Their teas are characteristically malty and have golden tips.

Doomni Tea Estate I Doomni is located in the Baksa district of Assam, very close to the famous Manas National Park. Spanning over 1070 hectares, Doomni is known for it's beautiful Silver Needle White Tea and its strong, malty black teas.

Harmutty I  Situated on the bank of the River Dikrong, a tributary of the Brahmaputra, this tea estate is spread over 1050 hectares of loamy, fertile land, Harmutty Tea Estate is one of the oldest plantations in Assam. Founded by Major Gibbs in 1878, the estate is named after Queen Harmati, the wife of Assamese ruler, King Arimatta. The tea garden, with its picturesque views and surrounding natural forest, has been known for producing some of the finest orthodox Assamese tea.

Orangajuli I  Bordered by the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Orangajuli is located in the Mangaldai district of Assam and currently has 732 hectares under tea cultivation. Orangajuli derives its name from the words "Oranga" and "Juri" which in local dialect translates to ‘people living by a small stream’. The special agro-climate of the area, coupled with the experience of the long time managerial staff, has ensured Orangajuli’s unique flavour of orthodox Assam tea.

Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea

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